5 Health Foods You Should Be Avoiding

1. Fruit Juice



Fruit Juice can be just as bad for you as fizzy drinks, when you drink orange juice for example, you're consuming the juice of four-five-six medium sized oranges. Eating fruit in its full form is best. 

Fruit juice has a very large fructose factor with around 45.5 grams per litre. Compare this to fizzy drinks which has 50 grams. Our bodies aren't designed to digest this amount of fructose so it is stored as fat. 


2. Coconut Oil


Although coconut oil does contain many good fats which are essential for the body, they can be found in many other foods besides coconut oil which is full of unnecessary calories. In just one tablespoon there can be around 120 calories. Coconut oil has been promoted to help with weight loss, ease digestion and even help to boost your metabolism however the coconut oil itself is around 82% saturated fat. A fat we are told to avoid as it can build up in your arteries over time and affect your blood cholesterol. 


3. Breakfast Biscuits

This on the go breakfast idea is a quick fix for those who are usually in a rush on a morning. However breakfast biscuits aren't as healthy as they are advertised. Many of them have as many calories in as a dessert, with a generally high sugar content (36.6g per pack of 4 biscuits) from ingredients such as brown sugar, honey golden syrup. Butter and coconut are also ingredients usually added into breakfast biscuits in order to help them taste nicer however they bump up the saturated fat content. 

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4. High Protein Bars/Flapjacks

High protein bars/flapjacks are usually very high in calories, and are highly processed with most ingredients created in labs and not in the kitchen due to the quantity that is made. Most protein bars contain one controversial ingredient. This could include artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, natural flavours etc. If consumed too often they can often upset the stomach, causing pain, bloating and other effects. 90% of protein bars on the market are terrible for you. 



5. Peanut Butter 

Peanut butter contains lots of omega-6 fats, and not enough omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats help to reduce inflammation whereas omega-6 fats increase inflammation.

Most peanuts are also grown on the ground, this can result in them becoming very moist and therefore a lot of them contain mycotoxins or mold. Toxic mold can lead to depression if too much of it is consumed. It can also lead to other health problems.

Peanut butter also contains hydrogenerated oils which contributes to the amount of omega-6 fats causing weight gain, disease causing inflammation and inflammatory reactions in the body.


Peanut butter is advertised as a high protein product however tyically in a 100g grams of peanut butter, 78% is made of fat and 51% of that fat is saturated fat and there is only 25g of protein. There are also 588 calories in 100 grams of peanut butter which means you could have a high protein meal for the same amount of calories.