Nutriton 101 'Calorie Deficits'

So with the population growing, more food needed, more food processed required, less activity and more convenience .. most people these days are trying to lose weight .. 

.. and most people are still doing it the wrong way .. actually not completely the wrong way, that might not be the right terminology .. just most people are attempting a weight loss without knowing anything about nutrition ..

.. it's like taking up running but with your arms tied around your back .. its doable at first, but its difficult and its not the right way ..

So what must I do in order to lose weight ?

Firstly, unless you are seriously overweight, border line risk of diabetes and heart health related diseases .. then focusing purely on weight isn't the best option .. and especially if your not moving or exercising too ..

I dont care what others think .. exercise is a great way to help support a good safe natural weight loss .. even if its 0.5 lb a week .. and yeah you don't get your certificate or gold star for a stone drop .. but its still a weight loss and your actually looking after your body, inside and out ..

Instead focusing on FAT LOSS is significantly better for you, short and long term, fat is the actual very thing that we are looking to drop and reduce .. nobody said "I need to lose this 10kg of muscle" .. so forget about 'weight' .. excess fat effects us massively combine to excess muscle .. so again forget about 'weight' .. its BODY FAT we need to shift .. 

So setting up two things before you start;

1. Short Term Behavioural Changes

Short term changes are things focused on anything BUT WEIGHT and a target goal (long term). These are changes towards how you think of foods, lifestyle, work, stress, activity, exercise, hydration, alcohol etc .. these things effect us which effect how our nutrition is planned, prepared and implemented. 

2. Calorie Deficit

If you really want to lose body fat then you'll spend 5 minutes working out your daily calorie intake required depending on your lifestyle and needs .. if not .. then stop reading this and go join the line at slimming world / weight watches or stare at the TV wishing away what you could have done ..

I've attached a link below for quick and ease of a calculation that'll take you less than 5 minutes to complete ..

So now you know how many calories need, what do I do ?

For example if your 'maintenance' number came up with 2000 cals per day, thats to maintain weight then you consume within reason 2000 cals per day .. however if you want to lose weight and see some short term changes then reducing your intake to 1500 cals per day will give you a deficit so after 7 days you should have lost around 1 lb .. remember knowing your intake means you can build meals around that and choose foods you enjoy to eat, meals with flavour and taste ..

Chinese Chicken Burgers

Chinese Chicken Burgers

Because losing 3500 calories = 1 lb of mass lost

This could take you a week, 10 days or 14 days .. as long as you lose 3500 of calories then you'll lose weight .. even 1750 cals is 0.5 lbs ..

Track your daily calories for short term effects ..

So with your 1500 calories you can track these by using an APP from MyFitnessPal .. link below ..

Just add a breakfast (if required), lunch and tea .. any snacks and even include water. It seriously helps for little effort for a week or two .. keeps you accountable and on track .. as mentioned before .. if your serious about wanting to lose fat then you'll do this ..  

After a few weeks you'll see what food and meals work, what the calories equate too and visual change your meals and portions around the intakes .. building habits ..

One last thing is will mention .. we can create a calorie deficit through some exercise too .. so on average a cycling class will be between 250-400 cals and a high intensity bootcamp class around 250-400 cals .. long walks on a weekend is great but don't replenish calories with cakes and biscuits and not eat your planned meal from meat and veggies etc.

High protein meals are vital for good fat loss, keep lean muscle so you stay strong, mobile and in the long term use carbohydrates to your advantage .. but thats for another blog and topic ..


You can't beat a good healthy omelette first thing with mushrooms .. good proteins and fats .. increase our satiation and reduce hunger.

Any questions please get in touch or come join our nutrition club on Wednesdays - 6:30-7:20pm