Charity Christmas Hampers

So this year along with our gym member Christmas hampers we've decided to run two more voluntary hampers for the Ryedale Food Bank and the Salvation Army. 

We've got two large hampers here at the studio for anyone and all to donate items too from non-perishables, foods, drinks, toiletries and even clean clothes etc .. Beyond Average will be donating some clothing too, big thank you to Joe.

So between November 1st and December 18th please drop in and items you feel could help support these important charities at a time of year when needed. 

Peter and Joe will be dropping these hampers to the charities between 18th - 23rd December .. if you wish to get involved as a business owner then please get in touch today ..

Thank you to everyone that have already donated gift and items. All to those that do so in the near future. 

Telephone us on 01751 475363 on email