Meet Rachel Nichols


Many people find coming to the gym or an exercise class very daunting , and can be a huge step to overcome in some people's lives. 

Coming from a dance fitness background , my first time in the gym was also very daunting myself, as I mostly worked within a studio setting. However, over the years I have been very open minded about learning new exercises from all areas of health and fitness, which allowed my passion to grow even further.

As I became aware of how I could change my body, and how it began to make me feel more confident, stronger, healthier and generally happier I began to realise that I wanted others to also feel the same too. I hear many people say that they are unhappy about their bodies, and I also used to be too, but when you take control you can change anything if you put your mind to it. That Is what makes fitness so great.. you are the only person in control.. you only achieve what you put into your workouts. There should be no comparison between you and anyone else, being healthy looks different on every body.

While working with clients I always try and remind them that fitness is here to be enjoyed, to challenge yourself , find your strength and weaknesses, battle through them and become a better you. And most of all, have fun. 

My passion in the industry will always be dance fitness, but I am currently working on increasing muscular strength during my gym training , as over the years this is personally been one of my weaknesses which I believe I could always improve. For me this is something that's very rewarding. Seeing your body change and become stronger over time feels like you can conquer anything that comes your way. 

Goals can be very hard to overcome by yourself, that's why here we strive on helping you on your journey, push you to work hard and stay consistent.

As a personal trainer there is no better feeling than hearing an individual achieve a goal whether this is dropping/increasing a dress size, achieving a personal best , or simply telling you they feel happier, healthier and stronger.

I am now available for Personal Training sessions here at PNF. If you would like some extra guidance with your training for any in particular goal then please don't hesitate to contact me as I am always here to help. 

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