Meet Joe Foxton

Hiya, I'm Joe Foxton .. fitness instructor and business owner of Beyond Average .. for motivational clothing for casual and gym gear go check out .. ..


For those that don't know, my past and current training is geared towards Men's Physique. I first competed in this discipline in September 2016. I decided to compete as an accountability tool. I often struggled with weight loss so for me, competing wasn't about winning, it was about bettering myself. It was a great experience and I achieved what I wanted coming in the leanest I've ever been. I also enjoy the food side of training posting most of my meals on Instagram showing that being in 'good' shape doesn't mean you have to restrict your diet and you can still eat foods you enjoy! 


My 3 tips to anyone looking into competing or getting into fitness are to firstly;

1/ Set a measurable goal. A lot of the time people want to 'get fit' or 'lose weight' but what is fit? How much weight do you want to lose? Being able to track your progress towards your goal is a vital part in staying motivated! 

2/ Set a deadline. Need to get in shape for that holiday or wedding? This is another great motivating factor to want to reach your goals in time. If you are on a deadline you know that there is no room for slip ups and It's also gives you an end point. If you were told you had to stick to a strict routine indefinitely, it would be very hard to abide to it. A finish date keeps you going and you know how long you have left.

3/ Believe you can do it. We live in a society where everything is at our convenience. Everyone has a fast paced, busy schedule but there is absolutely no reason for anyone to say 'I can't do this'! Injury? Find an exercise that doesn't hurt! Looking after the kids? Take them out on a walk with you! Can't afford a gym membership? Workout at home with body weight exercises or light dumbbells! There's always a way to reach your goal, no matter who you are, what background you're from, we can all improve a little every day


Joe will be available for personal training soon here at the studio .. otherwise pick his brains on training, his clothing range and how to get involved in physique competitions.