4 Kettlebell Exercises To Increase Strength And Stability

Kettlebells are a great way of adding variation to your workouts, helping to gain muscular strength, endurance and stability. Unlike any other equipment, kettlebells create ballistic movements easier than any other equipment. This meaning that you can create much more velocity and accelaration in a shorter period of time, training the body in a very different way to any other.

Kettlebells train your body as a whole, utilising all muscle groups to ensure that the body maintains it stability throughout the exercise. Meaning that you can get more out of your workouts, rather than training muscle groups individually.

Below are 4 different exercises which are great for increasing muscular strength/endurance, stability and power.

 Kettlebell swing

Due to the forward drive from the hips during the kettlebell swing, it is a great movement to strengthen the glutes and core. One thing to remember when performing this exercise is to really utilise and think about the lower back. Try not to over extend as the hips come forward. Engage the core and squeeze the glutes and you will begin to feel that inputting some extra power into your swing will become a lot easier.


The snatch is an exercise performed with just one hand. Coming down into the swing position, driving forward with the hips you let the kettlebell swing above the head with an extended arm. In this position you try and hold the kettle for a few seconds. This a great exercise to really strengthen shoulder stability and increase grip strength. With the starting position coming from a swing it has to ensure that the core also has strong stability to keep the kettlebell steady when above the head.

Lunge and press


The lunge and press is a great lower and upper body strengthening exercise.With the two exercises in one it means that the body is working a little harder to keep the stability as the lunge and press is performed at the same time.

Long Cycle

The long cycle is broken down into three sections. The swing, tuck and press. This exercise is great for utilising all muscle groups.

Rachel Nichols