What To Do When You Find Yourself Lacking Motivation

There comes a time when we all hit a brick wall and find ourselves a little bit lost with our goals. Whether that’s just general fitness, nutrition, working towards an event of working on an injury. We are all bound to find ourselves lacking a little bit of motivation once every so often. Even those who are highly active/motivated will wake up some days and put things off that they are supposed to be working on.

As Personal Trainers we work with clients goals on a very personal level. Always reassuring them of exactly why/what they want so that they always keep on track to achieve their goals. Below are 5 simple things to do to remind yourself of exactly why you started your goals in the first place and how to keep going…

‘ there are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking ‘

‘ there are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking ‘

  1. Remember why you want to do it at first

    If you feel a lack of motivation it’s often good to take a moment to reflect on exactly why you want to do what you choose to. The reasons you do something are the driving force behind everything you do. It is only when your reason is strong and emotional enough that you will do whatever it takes to accomplish that task. When you feel no motivation at all, it is because the reason behind what you’re doing isn’t strong enough. Think about why people stop smoking? Most of the time, people stop smoking because they have a strong reason too, if they continue to smoke, they may suffer serious health problems or affect family members.

    So why do you do what you do? Do you know why you want to achieve your goals and your targets? When you feel no motivation, think about the purpose why you want to do it.

  2. Envision the success

    Visualising your end goal can often be very effective. Imagining your goal enough, planning exactly what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it and how it will make you feel at the end can give us that emotional connection that is strong enough to give us the power we need to keep going. We often hear the phrase ‘ dreams can become reality’ when infact this can be somewhat very true. Everything we envision can one day become a reality if we really put our mind to it. Just keep working hard, and work towards your end goal.

  3. Create a supportive environment

    Our surroundings and environment can have a large impact on the way we feel and the mood we are put in. It is very important to surround yourself with the right people when you are working towards a goal. It is often very hard to feel motivated if people are reflecting very negatively on your goals and could leave us doubting ourselves.

    So why not join a group of people who are trying to achieve the same goal as you.. Train with someone who likes the same stuff you do…

    Work together, empower each other and achieve amazing things

  4. Believe in yourself

    We sometimes envision a goal that realistically we think we can’t do… when in fact we can all do something if we really put our minds to it. Fight or flight Is a very common psychological reaction that humans encounter when they fear something or lack confidence within themselves. Look at past achievements and reflect on how far you have come and ask yourself what is different about this goal to any other that you have set in the past. Always have a positive outlook on the things you set out to do. If you have that first initiative of achieving that goal in the first place your subconscious mind most likely believes you can do it!

  5. Set your goals…one step at a time

    Try not to set your goals too extreme… and try not to set your goals too small. We don’t want to have goals that fail to inspire us or goals that are far too out of our comfort zone that we lose track and feel depleted. Find the balance of something that motivates us enough to keep us going, but leads us to that big dream. Setting small goals weekly/monthly can be a great stepping stone to keep us happy and motivated!

It can be difficult to find exactly what you want to work on, thats why here at PNF our trainers inspire, and work with you to find exactly that. With a wide range of equipment, gym, classes, Personal Training, Nutrition and varied types of training methods there is absolutely anything and everything we can help you with!

Contact us here at the Studio and get kickstarted with your goals today!