Consistency Is Key

Now we are coming to the end of February we may find ourselves slipping out of the routines we started at the beginning of 2018. 

Now is the key time to keep pushing and start thinking of ways to keep you motivated to achieve the goals you set out to do in the first place. We often find clients come to us as Personal Trainers because they find it hard to keep consistent, and find themselves yo-yoing from different types of diets, classes and gym workouts, and need that extra support to achieve their goal. Here at PNF we strive to help you along each and every step. Guide you into the right workout regime whether this could be classes, gym or Personal Training, it is important to find what works best for you. Everyones journey is different and that is the key thing to remember when achieving any fitness goals.


During 2017 I struggled with the lack of motivation myself as I never had something I really wanted to focus on. Finding a goal was difficult for me and it took me a while to think about something that would interest and inspire me, as I can become bored very very easily. I am now 5 weeks into my competition prep, which takes place on the 14th April 2018, and its great having something to focus on. Not only is it changing my body physically but also changing myself mentally. Having the time limit reminds yourself you have to stay disciplined, keep consistent with your training and always be positive. It also helps you learn to connect with you and your body. Respect what you have and fuel yourself with the correct nutrition to get the best out of each and every training session.

This can apply to any goal you may choose to set, from running a marathon, weightlifting, cycling, walking.. absolutely anything you choose, the same rules apply.


So what is the best way to do this?

SMART goals are a great and simple way to set yourself a goal. Below is an example to show how to set your goal out to focus you in the right direction.

  • S- specific ( a defined end point or target- increase muscular strength )
  • M- measurable ( how with you measure eg. I will measure my progress by recording results at the beginning, middle and end of my program)
  • A- attainable ( is it attainable? I will reach this goal by training three days a week )
  • R- realistic ( How will you make it realistic to achieve? I will adjust reps, and sets accordingly as I increase strength )
  • T- Time ( Set date - I will achieve this goal by eg 11/07/2018 )

Keeping your goals simple to start off with is very important. Jumping into a big pond being a little fish can be very daunting, so ensure that you take it step by step. Even if this is simply just attending one class/gym session a week and then gradually build up from there.

That is often why a few months into the year people start to loose their lack of motivation because they have simply set themselves an unrealistic goal. Things take time, especially when it comes down to your body. Results will not flash infront of your eyes. So stay positive, happy and consistent and they are bound to come when the time is right.

If you would like any help with setting yourself a goal, then please do not hesitate to contact us here at PNF.