What It Takes to Lose Weight And Keep It Off

What Are The Characteristics Of People Who Lose Weight And Keep It Off

This is one of the most popular questions we get asked time and time again .. and believe me its simpler than you think. People assume we train hours each day and eat nothing but chicken and broccoli or fish and rice cakes .. but that couldn't be further from the truth.

I've never been on a 'diet' so to speak. I've tried 'Paleo' and tried 'Keto' but as what was expected didn't stick to it for too long as that wasn't the best diet for me neither the outcome I was expecting from it wasn't anything different that from a healthy calorie deficit including all macronutrients. So a healthy calorie deficit is it!? I do find it a little sad that grown ups or adults feel sorry for themselves and give up way too easily .. what was the first thing your parents told you time and time again .. 'learn from mistakes' .. 'try try again' .. 'never give up' ..

A recent study looked at 388 Portuguese people who lost at least 5kg and kept it off for at least year (average was 18kg loss maintained for 28 months). This is what they found helped ...

  • Regular Exercise - (average 5 hours a week), although exact amount was very individual
  • Healthy Foods Available At Home - a good strategy for your weekly shopping trip. Planning meals and sticking with what works
  • Eating Vegetables 
  • Daily Breakfast 
  • Increasing Protein Rich foods
  • Increased Self Monitoring - via a food diary or app or using what you've got ..  a brain ..
  • Establishing Specific Goals
  • Better Educated

Also really interesting was the fact that taking weight loss supplements was actually counterproductive to both weight loss and maintenance.

these results suggest that long term weight management may consist of a continuous process of behaviour change, perhaps involving similar behaviours predictors, instead of being two separate processes (.i.e. loss and maintenance)

Take it from us lot here at PNF Studios .. what we do day in and day out is consistent positive behaviours towards an improvement of fitness an overall health. Yes we still eat a little chocolate or have a glass of wine now and again .. but 90% of our daily habits consist of the list above. 

How many unfortunate family health issues can really been reduced, delayed by a positive 'healthy' lifestyle change .. smoking .. excessive drinking .. diabetes type 2 issues from poor diet .. muscle wastage increasing the risk of falls and injuries .. It's never too late to do something better .. do those characteristics resemble your current lifestyle .. if not change it now ..