What Doesn't Challenge You, Won't Change You

There is one thing we are all very good at and that is settling for things that we are comfortable with. Whether thats within fitness, work, life situations, friends, family... the list is endless. The mind is created to challenge situations and address ways to make it easier for the human body to adapt and cope with, and by doing so enables us to learn more about ourselves and prove that we are capable of things we never thought we would be.

So why do we not challenge ourselves?

Being comfortable and happy is great yes. But how much are you really going to achieve your goals by doing this?

Think about a situation in which you walked away and wish you had tried a little harder, or taken that risk that came into your head at that moment in time. 

For example, you're in the gym doing your usual training and you feel like you could squeeze in a few extra reps but you decide to leave it there. That is the prime time where you are going to push your body out of its comfort zone, and challenge it, to change it. 

Or... you're towards the end of a run and you're getting a little bit tired so you decide to slow the pace down and walk. Take that moment, reflect on it and try to relax and forget about your current situation.

Fitness is more psychological than we really think it is. A lot of the time the only thing that is stopping us from pushing us that little bit further is the devil sitting on your shoulders telling us not to do something which may make us feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Yes it is daunting, and yes you may take a risk of injuring yourself but where will you grow to if you are not willing to push your body and mind to their limits?


So how can we help you here at PNF?

We have a great team of experienced and qualified trainers which will listen to your needs, reflect on your goals and discover the best path for you. 

We support our clients with each step of their journey and push them when we believe they are ready to take the next step, whether this is in a class environment, Personal training or around the studio.

So if you feel like you need that extra push to head your in the right direction then do not hesitate to pop down and have a chat to one of us here at the studio.