How The Gym Helps With Anger and Sadness ..

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We often associate the gym or fitness activities with somewhere or something to have fun and enjoy the social environment with others .. advertising has us believe that fitness 'should' be fun and will help adherence .. magazines or TV promos showcase ripped lean bodies with 'fun' and 'friendly' workouts and everyone seems to be loving it .. just like a cheesy American soap opera .. 

After 10 years of one on one, studio ownership, running classes, training, seeing clients, talking to one another .. I can honestly say I've never had a 'fun' workout or thoroughly enjoyed myself for an hour in the gym .. I know i'm not feeling this gym membership right? ha .. but that's my honest opinion .. going on a jet ski in Tenerife is fun .. partying with friends is fun .. doing an obstacle course with friends is fun .. but not the gym ..

My training and my time training isn't meant to be fun .. I work damn hard .. like others to be and feel better .. as The Rock once quoted "blood, sweat and respect" .. "the first two you give, the last one you earn" .. but in terms of fun .. you work your butt off at work or in the gym to have fun at the end .. and it's definitely works .. some might say well if your training for 3 months working hard for an event or something then you only have fun every 3 months .. once you've finished .. then you start again .. it may seem quite sad thinking of it this way .. but the reward for working hard in life and the gym is our freedom and strength to have fun .. to be open to explore and challenge our mind and bodies .. doing this with others brings a supportive responsibility for each and every one .. as we are going through the same journey on the same path ..

So .. How The Gym Helps With Anger and Sadness ..

For many years expressing emotion has been very difficult for me .. your vulnerable .. an open wound and real quite scared of trying to heel it once it open's ..

It wasn't until earlier this year that I had an emotional breakdown .. seeing a doctor for depression and anxiety .. being on medication .. for me it was hard to deal without first .. it was hard to deal with the constant questions, task managing took longer, things irritated me than i'd normally let go, anger built up and what should have been a stress free zone for me .. coming home each day was frustrating, it didn't feel homely, untidy, unorganised, unloved .. I now see how hard it was for Kirsty to deal with and try to bring that little bit of energy, love and strength to try suppress the anger and sadness I felt.

The gym itself was hard to be in, it's a place of mixed emotions, some feeling happier, some still sad about how they feel and look, some enjoying themselves, some not, but what you do come to realise, is that it is a place to immense anger and sadness .. and that deep down we are there like a doctor / patient appointment to find a way to reduce it or get rid of it .. find a way to live our day to day life with it .. thats why for me a workout or training isn't fun .. I'm putting as much effort and energy I can, to produce what I feel is required to help achieve that moment of fun or happiness .. if it takes me a week, a month, 6 months or a year .. then so be it .. 

Now i'm not talking about love and happiness .. yes i'm married, I'm in love, and have a great family and group of friends, great team of staff and group of members (you guys) .. putting in as much effort for them when I can .. but to regain or recharge that I work on myself and that's where the gym comes in .. and that's where a lot fo you guys are going wrong ..

If you really care about something or someone you listen, empathise and support .. to help take in their pain and hurt and try your very best to deal with it .. how you deal with it is up to you .. some eat excessive calories, some drink, some take drugs, some struggle and mentally become wounded, some increase their anger and lash out, .. I can truthfully say I've done all of the above at some point in my life .. and now .. now I use the gym as my therapy .. 

With the gym you can progress and achieve on a daily basis .. learning something new or doing something extra .. you are stimulating the brain and body for either a short term boost or long term change .. you realise and respect everyone is there to feel that little bit better and deal with their own day to day problems .. that barbell is fear .. that punchbag is anger .. that treadmill is rage .. that stretch is relaxing .. that new exercise learnt is rewarding .. that weight drop is pride .. that goal reaching moment .. is happiness .. 

If you ever wanted that support and help then I'm always here for you .. happy to help as I've come to learn to deal with my emotions and state of mind .. focusing on training your body and respecting what it can do will help you deal with life .. never hide away .. don't stop talking .. close that open wound ..