Women's Training - The First 3 Steps To Get Started With Your Goals

The hardest part about fitness and all things health is knowing exactly where to start… from even what to wear, what trainers to buy, whether to bring a water bottle, do you tie your hair in a pony tail or tie it in plaits… we all overthink the situation we’re about to put ourselves in and think everyone in the room is going to judge us for what we are doing…

You couldn’t be far from wrong, especially down here at PNF. Every person in that room has probably thought the exact same thing as you… and at the end of the day you’re all in the same boat and are going to finish the session hopefully looking a little sweaty!

For the majority of people this is the first hurdle to our goals, actually getting on the gear and heading down to the gym. So here are 3 simple steps to help and encourage you to get kick started with your new fitness journey!

  • Choosing something you enjoy

    So lets start off pretty simple… choose something that inspires and motivates you!

    Many of us make that mistake of choosing a type of exercise that we don’t really enjoy that much… often making you feel very demotivated, leaving you not doing anything at all. It sometimes takes a while for you to realise exactly what this might be. So start of with something that interests you at first.

    For example, you go out cycling a lot during the summer just with friends or family… so choose something cycling related. We have lots of Indoor Cycling sessions down here at the studio and even some Beginners sessions too, so there’s no need to worry about scary ‘spinning’ sessions.

    Or… weight training is something that you’ve always wanted to try but aren’t to confident with going into the gym by yourself… so choose something which has a few weight training exercises in so you can gather and learn a collection of different exercises and maybe one day you’ll head into the gym!

  • What to wear/bring

    • You don’t need anything fancy for the gym, just something comfortable, loose fitting and easy to move around in! It doesn’t matter what colour, brand, fitting , shape , size, just something you feel happy in!

    • Depending on the class you attend comfortable footwear is a must. Something that supports your feet/ankles to prevent injury, and are moveable and plenty of grip. However tempting it is to pop down to a class in your slippers… i’m afraid its not going to benefit you a great deal!

    • Water bottle! A lot of us do not drink enough water even daily, so when you’re breaking abit of a sweat it is important that we rehydrate our bodies! We do provide plastic cups at the studio but we always try and encourage all members to bring their own reusable plastic water bottles! They’re a great buy, and are a massive help to the environment.

  • Attending the session

    Sometimes us women feel a little uneasy about stepping into the gym environment , and this is definitely one of the hardest hurdles to break at first if you aren’t too confident. We are a friendly bunch down here at the studio so if you need to break the ice a little, pop down to the studio and have a look around and a quick chat with one of us about your goals.

    Also, bring a buddy! Sometimes coming with a friend is a great help, and a little bit of comfort too! You can keep each other motivated and on track with your goals!


So don’t hesitate about trying something new… taking that first step forward is always the hardest but when you do it you’ll be moving on to a healthier and better you!

I will be creating blogs every week regarding all things ‘Women’s training’ so make sure you keep your eyes out for new tips and ideas that might relate to you!

Have a great weekend,