Women's Training - 5 Nutrition Facts for a sustainable lifestyle

Following on from the previous Women’s Training blog, the next important step before starting any exercise is to make sure we are fuelling the body with the correct nutrients to ensure we provide enough energy for us to do the exercise we want to. No matter what shape or size you are in, everyone is different in the way you need to fuel your body for it to work to its maximum potential!

A lot of us an unaware of the simple facts regarding nutrition, even basic things like; how much water we should drink, what are proteins, fats and carbs, how many calories do I need to consume etc…and this is the first building block to ensuring we have a balanced, healthy diet, that is suitable to our needs.

We are put into a world of social media, where we are thrown with images of sweet foods, stacked burgers and greasy chicken, which taste amazing but are unaware of how great healthy, nutrient filled foods can be too, and how much of a difference they can make to our lifestyles and goals!

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start and what small steps you need to take first to head you in the right direction.

Below are 5 Nutrition facts that will get you kick started into a healthy lifestyle, making those changes to a more sustainable lifestyle.


The first step to a healthy diet, is to cut out the sweet treats. We are all guilty of a biscuit that turns into a whole packet sometimes.. once you start you can’t stop. So next time you do your shopping don’t buy the sweet treats in! Or if you have family members who still want them in the house, hide them away from your sight in a jar… on the top shelf… then you have numerous thoughts to overcome before you open the jar and indulge and hopefully by then you’ve overcome the temptation. Also, when you do come to treat yourself, guaranteed they’ll taste so much better and you’ll enjoy the moment!



Planning can make such a difference to what we eat and when we eat it! If you aren’t prepared for the day ahead then you a more likely to grab and go with a quick fix from the shop. I always prepare or atleast think about what I’m going to eat the next day, even if I do have the odd treat throughout the day at least I know i’ve stuck to my calorie intake and received all the nutrients that my body needs to function correctly according to my goal.



The connection with your body is the most precious thing you have. Only you really know how it functions, what reacts bad or good, and what it is capable of achieving. To begin , you need to understand your current situation. Take a moment to reflect on your goals, ask yourself exactly why you aren’t achieving them and what you need to change to do this?

Many of us try fad diets as a quick fix to lose weight, but in the long run can really affect the way our body functions. A lot of the time fad diets cut out things to ‘aid’ fat loss, when really all this can do is leave you feeling fatigued and hungry. Listen to your body! If you don’t feel great and full of energy you probably aren’t feeding your body with the right nutrients it needs! And that is important! So, write a food diary after every meal throughout the day, stating how each meal made you feel, even if its something simple like a bloat, and this can help to figure out the foods which maybe making you feel a little on the rubbish side, and in the long term avoiding these will make you feel amazing everyday!


Sustaining a diet without your favourites treats once in a blue moon can be the hardest thing to do! You don’t have to completely banish yourself of sweet treats, and nice meals out, otherwise when it does come to it, you’re more likely to binge and over eat! This doesn’t mean treat yourself all the time or too frequently… but every once in a while go out, have a nice meal with friends and enjoy yourself.



Healthy, low calorie, nutritious foods can be some of the tastiest foods to eat, without all the additives, salts and sugars that are in calorie dense foods. It’s all about being creative with your meals, adding some seasonings/spices and mixing it up a little. Try out new foods which you wouldn’t normally eat, or you thought you didn’t like and they can sometimes turn into your new favourite things to eat. Simple foods with a high protein meat and vegetables can be so easy and quick to make, so there is no excuses for ‘quick fixes’ when you finish work late and grab something from the freezer. Spend that extra 5 minutes preparing your food from fresh and create something tasty!

Hopefully this has helped to make those first small steps to changing your bad eating habits, and helping you get closer to achieving your goals.