Women's Training - 3 Exercises To Sculpt And Tone The Lower Body

Throughout the next few weeks I will be creating a selection of weight bearing exercises to teach you ladies how to effectively create and sculpt the body you’ve always wanted, so you can get a head start on creating that bikini body. On top of this, lean/toned muscle mass does also come from a healthy, high protein diet to enable muscle regrowth, so if you would like anymore information regarding nutrition then please get in touch. On the other hand , I will also be sharing a few recipes ideas in the coming weeks to help you along the way, so keep your eyes peeled!

A lot of women out there are scared of lifting weights, as the dreaded rumour of ‘bulking’ always sits at the back of our minds. PLEASE, do not be afraid! Lifting heavy weights is great for muscle growth to create a ‘toned’ look , joint/tendon strength and increased bone density, keep us stronger for longer!

So the first series of exercises will be focusing on lower body ( quadriceps, hamstrings , calves ) , with some progressions on each exercise to enable you to push each exercise to your own ability. Throughout the videos take note of technique points, set up of the exercise and tempo.

Box squat

The Box Squat is a great way to progress with your squat, working on hip, knee and ankle alignment to make sure that the body moves in the correct form. This exercise can first of all be performed bodyweight and further progression using a Kettlebell, and if you have good shoulder stability/mobility perform this with a Barbell placed on the back. Once you feel comfortable at the height of the box after a few sessions, and your flexibility/mobility improves, progress by making the box lower, enabling you to perform the squat in a deeper position, enhancing the use of the muscles.

A 3 part progression of a box squat, starting from bodyweight, kettlebell and barbell back squat. Showing you technique points of the exercise itself and how to perform this to your maximum ability using the three progressions.

Leg Curl

For those new to weightlifting, exercises such as the Romanian Deadlift, can be very hard to perform is you have poor shoulder/back stability, and therefore find it harder to activate the hamstrings during the exercise, and will not be able to get the full advantage of the exercise. The leg curl is a great way to isolate the movement, with the support of the bench you are purely working on each phases of the movement and prevent injuries in any other places.

A simple exercise to work the hamstrings, focusing on a slow and controlled movement to feeling the hamstrings working throughout the movement

Calf Raises

Exercises don’t come much simpler than the calf raise. Stand up straight, then push through the balls of your feet and raise your heel until you are standing on your toes. Then lower slowly back to the start. You can progress with the calf raise using a variation of weight loading eg dumbbells, barbell or leg press. You could even progress further and do the exercise single leg if you have good ankle stability.

A two part progression focusing on the calves, and the technique points to allow the correct ankle movement to perform the exercise to your best ability.

You can input these exercises into any of your gym programs and start performing with around 10-12 repetitions for 3-4 sets. If you are unsure and would like to learn how to input some of these exercises into your workouts then please get in touch with me down here at the studio and we can book some time to work on your technique and weights so you can get the maximum out of each and every session.

Rachel x