3 Tips On How To Get Back Into Routine After The Summer Holidays


Routine is one of the most important things when it comes to really achieving a fitness goal. Especially when you have a busy work schedule, kids and social events to attend its important to organise that hour in the day to give to yourself if you want to have a healthy, happy lifestyle. When it comes to school holidays that routine completely goes off tracks. You may have holidays to go on, the kids to entertain all day everyday or just visiting friends and family and soon you find yourself 6 weeks down the line not done any exercise and completely lost track of your goals!

Not to worry though! Here at PNF we’re here to get you right back on track!

Knowing where to start is sometimes one of the hardest things so below is 3 tips to get you heading in the right direction!

  1. Getting Started Book a session or chat with a Trainer. We’re a friendly bunch here at PNF and we love helping every single one of you achieve your goals. It just has to be simple. Have a chat about nutrition, fitness classes or the gym and we can start working out what’s best for you, what changes you need to make, and what bad habits you need to break! The first step is always the hardest, but having someone who has the knowledge to guide you puts you a little bit more at ease.

    All Access members don’t forget your have your 3 Free Personal Training sessions If you haven’t had these already.

    Book yourself a gym induction , start something new and have someone there to guide you along the way with some exercise best suited to you!

    OR If you’re looking for something more specific and consistent we are all fully qualified Personal Trainers here at PNF. This is a really great time to focus on just you, the way your body moves, what exercise you need to adapt, help with your nutrition and online guidance throughout the whole process so you have someone there to keep you motivated 24/7!

    Find more information on our website regarding Personal Training packages, or have a chat with one of us here.


2. Begin the small changes maybe the gym isn’t ready for you just yet and you need to gradually build yourself up, get some confidence back in your fitness levels and just simply get back into routine. Walking is a really great way to do just that!

Take the time in your day to try walk half and hour twice, even if its just as simple as walking to the shop instead of driving, or taking a stroll on your dinner break at work instead of sitting at the desk.

Not only will this benefit your physical health, but also your mental health. Taking the time to yourself to get away from your work life can do wonders for your work ethic and motivation, freshen the mind and keep the body moving!

Doing all that is just fine. You’ll probably find yourself committing to the gym for much longer once you feel like you are ready to start again. As long as you’re working towards just that then keep going!


3. Make a plan If you’re busy, and finding things hard to fit into your schedule then make the time, organise some classes to attend on what day and time, and begin to make things more organised. This way you'll find yourself committing for longer and not making excuses. Most members here book their classes 4 weeks in advance! That way they’ve committed, they’re all booked and ready to go. If they can’t make it because something comes up then its not the end of the world, we have lots of opportunities here for fitness classes, gym or one to one training.

So with only a few weeks left to go start your planning now, get a goal in mind, head down to the studio and start your journey to a healthier, happier you!