Exercise is more than just working out!

Admittedly I first started sport because my dad forced me to as a little girl, although he prefers the term strongly encouraged! He wanted me to start because of how much I lacked confidence, in all areas of life, confidence in myself, in speaking to others, participating in class etc.

So as I was “strongly encouraged” to my first athletics club in Pickering, I was very nervous because I hadn’t played much sport before. As I got into athletics, over the years, as I became a teenager, I grew as a person physically, but mentally as well. I became so much more confident, better at decision making, better at socialising, I became less nervous in social situations and enjoyed being in a team.

I became passionate about the gym, lifting weights, improving performance, encouraging my team members. I loved athletics so much that I completed my Level 2 Coaching Assistance Qualification so I could help younger children improve their performance, technique and overall confidence!


Exercise is more than just getting through the workout because you think you have to do it, it’s about loving your body enough to find an exercise or a sport that you love, because your body is made to move and it feels good when it does! Exercise literally makes you happy by how much serotonin, the happy chemical, that is released after exercise, it helps you to make friends, and helps you to feel more positive.

And when you feel more positive then you instantly make better choices, healthier choices, in all aspects of life! You begin to attract happy people!

And the best thing is… you can start exercise whenever you like to! You might have never played a sport or exercised but that doesn’t matter, because that’s why we’re here! With a true passion to help you with your fitness goals, to push you, encourage you, and to build you as a person!


I Personal Trained clients whose goals differ massively, from weight loss goals, to building better habits, to improve running technique, to improving injuries, preventing osteopenia and these goals have ranged from people in their 20s to those in their 50s or older. With online support, weekly Personal Training sessions, food advice, meal ideas and much more. Personal Training could be what you need to get you started and to help you continue to be the best version of yourself!

Get in touch with myself, Abi, by contacting Peter Nelson Studio on 01751 475363 or email at

Abi Pollard Personal Training - Qualifications

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 3 Qualification in Sports Leadership

  • Level 2 Qualification in understanding nutrition and health

  • with additional qualifications in Kettlebells, TRX Suspension, and Foam Rolling.