Men Staying Fit At (After) 40

I’m not an elite athlete. I’m just a guy with passion for getting people around me fitter and healthier. I’m only 35 years old but feel the 40’s fast approaching. So I wanted to reach out to these guys out there slightly older than me and help them get back into shape.

When you are in your 20’s you can hit the gym hard several times a week and even go running, play sports or cycle on a weekend .. the one thing i’ve noticed in my 30’s is that priorities have changed. For me its my business and small family, wife, dog and those now dotted around the UK and Australia. I want to make time for them but at the same time give enough for myself.

I speak to those in there 40’s and often see them around the gym or around town, social media and I’ve noticed the impact of the responsibility they have with a young family. School, child care, clubs and generally looking after them 24/7 with little time for themselves.

Depression and anxiety is on the rise in young men and especially high for those in their 40’s .. an identity loss, a shift in responsibility with both parents having to work full time, low stress levels (low self esteem) to high stress levels (anger and frustration) .. these both effect our daily thinking and choices.

So our time we create should be for a date night (with the Mrs.), enjoying time with the kids, socialising (with mates) and some physical & mental stimulation such as a sport, exercise, training, cycling etc.

I don’t want to reach my 40’s and struggle along, and neither should you .. I once worked for a gladding company and grafted away 10 hours 4 days a week .. instead of heading to the pub I chose to go to the local gym .. dragged some of my work colleagues along (much to their annoyance) and we’d go to the gym for an hour, twice a week .. I recall how working away from loved ones was a little bit more bearable, initially a few of us had muscle soreness but that soon disappeared. The guys actually enjoyed the gym twice a week and felt the difference in them physically and mentally, especially when we got home and spent time with our families. Now as much as we were lifting and installing sheets all day we simply changed our gym routine to suit .. some cardio for example, got them stretching a bit too .. and some core work for low back strength.


The one thing you can’t do in your 40’s is train like a 20 year old !!! Even now at 35 years old I’m smarter about my training but still feel fitter and stronger now than I ever have been.

Bad backs, necks and shoulders are the usual aches and pains for most guys grafting .. even those sat in an office at a desk experience similar aches and pains. So change your daily / weekly habits to fit in with some exercise or training that’ll help you perform your job better .. this doesn’t mean getting lean, running a marathon or lifting stupidly heavy weights.

So here’s some tips for you guys in and around your 40’s;

  • Learn Something New - skill based, from Boxing, BJJ, Yoga or Pilates .. movement can be key!

  • Work Without Pain - do some exercise that reduce those aches and pains regardless of its intensity or appeal, some guys don’t like pilates or yoga but those classes can reduce stress levels and help the body relax.

  • Eat For Muscle - yep get your protein in, its great for satiation and keeping you full to avoid those biscuits in the van on your break, helps preserve the lean tissue that holds your body together. Lifting, moving, digging, twisting, everything is started from a muscle activation and response.

  • Go Hard When You Can - if you can only get to the gym twice a week then make sure those sessions really count. Work the body and push a few limitations.

  • Rest & Recover (from above) - Learn to actively rest your body and mind, switch off, its hard but worth it when you come back to work. Missing a gym session isn’t going to mess it all up, walking and getting out and about is only going to relax and repair the body. Switch social media of 30 minutes before bed and get your 6-8 hours in.

  • Progressively Overload - make sure you keep track of your progress in the gym and how to progress it, from increasing reps, sets, time, reducing rest, advancing exercises. Challenge the body for better change but small steady steps will outlast fast ones.


So start off by learning what your body can do now .. go back to basics .. improve your movement and stability before throwing the barbell around .. work on some body weight exercises .. improve your core strength & balance .. build up some cardiovascular health by moderate intensity cycling for 20-30 mins .. brisk walking .. you’ll never have that body of a 20 year old but you’ll a hell of a lot about what you can do now at 40 and how to preserve your ability and health for the next decades to come ..

Our one on one packages can help you get started .. 6 or 10 sessions to really kick start the body and use it better .. so come on guys .. come learn some really training with me and do those things you always wanted to do .. adventure, playtime with the kids, play a sport, move better, work better, live life !!!