3 Exercises to get Beach Body Ready

1) Hip thrusts 



Hip thrusts are an awesome exercise for transforming the glutes. The hip thrust includes full movement of the hip, causing the glutes to fire overall helping to improve power, speed, and muscular strength. 

Here's how to perform the exercise correctly: 


1) You will be needing a box or bench to place your back onto, as well as a weighted barbell to make the exercise a little more challenging. 

2) Position yourself underneath the bar, set up a medium to wide stance with your feet. 

3) Next you want to make sure the bar is sitting on your hips, and that your back is comfortable on the box/bench. 

4) You want the then push the hips up towards the ceiling, you back covers more of the box/bench now. Squeeze the glutes at the top, making your your hips are inline with your knees before lowering the bar back down again.



2) Rower 


The rower is a highly        un-valued piece of equipment in the gym. It is thought that the rower just works the upper body however rowing recruits a lot of muscles in the body if technique is correct.

The rower is great for calorie burning, and combine with healthy eating and you can shred pounds as it conditions the muscles. 

Correct technique for rowing: 

1) The drive phase is initiated by the push from the legs. As the legs reach half of their extension the hips begin to open. 

2) Once the legs are fully extended and the back is vertical the arms begin to draw the handle to the body.

3) The handle finishes about half way up the body. The elbows follow the line of the handle and the wrists stay in line with the forearm.



3) Ab Wheel Roll-out 




Ab wheel roll-outs

Ab rollouts have been proven by many studies that they active your abs a lot more than other ab exercises in eluding crunches. The exercise generates more activity muscle in your abs and obliques. 

A strong core can help you with day-to-day tasks, making daily movement easier, with a reduced risk of injury. If you frequently experience lower-back pain, a strong core can provide relief.

How to perform an ab rollout correctly: 

1) Hold the Ab Roller with both hands and kneel on the floor.

2) Place the ab roller on the floor. 

3) Slowly roll the ab roller straight forward, stretching your body into a straight position. Only go as far as you feel comfortable. 

4) Start pulling yourself back to the starting position, keeping your abs tight. Breath in whilst straightening your body and breath out as you return back to the starting position. 

If you struggle with lower back pain then I would perform a different ab exercise as the ab rollout uses the back more than other ab exercises.