Final Farewell Message From Will

With it being my final week here at the gym, I'd like to say a big thank you to all the staff, clients and members I have some across in the last 18 months. I can't say there has been a single class/pt session/gossip over reception that I haven't enjoyed. 

I'd like to offer some final pieces of fitness advice to you guys.



If your goal is to lose weight/get into shape, the aim of your exercise sessions is to burn calories; creating a calorie deficit. The most important part of a calorie deficit is to maintain it over a period of time. Sticking with the same types of exercise or the same class every week not only gets tedious, but also your body is always receiving the same stimulus which eventually makes that stimulus less effective.

Mix up the classes you attend and mix up the types of training you perform. HIIT training can get you so far but if you feel you aren't 'toning' the way you wish then its time to introduce weight training. 


'I can't do weights it hurts my (insert joint/muscle group/excuse here) '

Unless you have been told by a physiotherapist or exercise professional (NOT a doctor) then there is no reason you can't perform some form of weight training.

Weight training can be applied to beginners and should be the foundation of any regular exerciser. HIIT training is not for beginners. I would not recommend HIIT training for someone walking into the gym coming from complete sedentary lifestyle. Although you may have initial pain when performing certain movements that's not to say it is worsening your condition.

A diagnosis of arthritis or osteoporosis does not mean you should avoid lifting. In fact the opposite. Continue to abuse with HIIT training because you want to burn more calories is ultimately counterproductive.

Cardio and HIIT training can reduce your body weight.

Weight training will change your body composition.



Too many people look for a quick fix or a fast way to lose weight with immediate results and jump on some shit diet. You didn't become overweight in a few weeks so don't assume you can lose it all in a short period of time. Be happy with small but regular progress. Set realistic targets. Don't be disheartened by set backs that you will inevitably encounter.

Make small changes to your diet, don't try to cut out sugar, alcohol and fat out of your diet all at once while tripling your weekly exercise. You will not last. Bit by bit increase your physical activity and improve your diet.

Best of luck to everyone with their fitness goals for the future!