Meet Abi Pollard

My fitness journey started at a young age when my dad encouraged me to join an athletics club. He knew I enjoyed running but due to lack of confidence I would have never joined a club myself. Him pushing me was the start to my fitness journey and all things health. 




As I grew more confident I started competing in sprint events and long jump. I competed at county level and also competed in some of the north of england events. I enjoyed reading about the benefits of healthily eating and weight training in order to improve my power and speed which is why at sixth form i decided to do a level 3 extended diploma in sport. 











Fitness for me is not a destination, it's a way of life and balance is key. It's not about restricting yourself in any way, it's about finding a sport or exercise class you love and eating foods that make you feel good and that your body thrives on. 


My fitness goals are to improve my core strength and to continue building muscle whilst still being able to enjoy everyday life and eating out with family and friends. 


I believe fitness is very important as it allows us to do anything we choose from jogging, climbing, working out, enjoying the countryside around us, mountain biking- the list is endless! 

Set yourself a goal and take a step towards achieving it every day. You will be amazed at what your body is capable of.