A Runner's Diary - Stepping out of your Comfort Zone

Now that’s a title I never thought I’d be writing. Since I can remember I never really enjoyed distance running, and to be honest I thought those that did it were mad as a box of frogs!

Since becoming a Personal Trainer my exercise and fitness became very gym based, which is great as the gym is awesome to help achieve any fitness goal, to keep you strong, and to prevent any niggles you get in day to day life. However due to myself working in a gym full time, I could never quite switch off during my weight training, as I had to stop training if anything needed to be done such as answering the phone, welcoming clients, showing new clients around etc, which again is part of it all and I wouldn’t change that!

I had lost my mental release, being able to just switch off and simply enjoy my session. This was when I met Becky, a new Personal Training client. For Becky's fitness goal she had to be able to run a good 5k and find a 10k manageable.

So there we were Day 1 absolutely hating life as we ran our first 5k through Dalby Forest. We took this one easy however we were quite disappointed with our result (Results to the right).


However the whole point of this blog is to prove that we kept pushing, we didn’t just give up, we didn’t stop there, we couldn’t as Becky needed to succeed to achieve her fitness goal! As I developed my running too it soon became a goal of mine to slowly chip down on our 5k time! So we kept going, one run after another, good and bad times, stopping because of stitches, easing off because to be honest pushing yourself hurts, but nobody ever achieved their goal sitting in their comfort zone whether that’s a fitness goal or not.

The Personal Training side of things for Becky helped her to build the foundations for her running, building up leg strength, finding weaknesses to work on, building up core strength, looking into her running technique, and building up her cardiovascular endurance.

Having each other to start the journey with also really helped us to stay motivated, I would pick Becky up on days she wasn’t feeling it and vice versa! We worked on all aspects of our running so in the future we built our running up so we could continue our goal independently!


The running became easier, so so much easier, we started pushing each other, working on technique, preventing the stitches, using the gym to help improve leg strength, and to be honest we’re never going to breeze through a run as we just keep pushing to be better. The running then became my release, my time to just switch off, to share a hobby with a friend, to enjoy being outside!

We still have progress to be made but we’re so much fitter than when we started and dare I say we sometimes even enjoy running.

So this blog is just a reminder to start that fitness goal, to get out of your comfort zone, to do something you find hard, because nothing worth having comes easy.

And don’t do it alone, here at the Peter Nelson Studio we will support you and guide you through achieving that fitness goal!

In terms of my experience with running and fitness, I have competed in Athletics since the age of 9, in events including the 100m sprint, 200m sprint, and long jump. I have competed in different levels of competitions and my highest competition was at county level. I also competed during winter time in Indoor Athletics Events.

I was an Assistant Athletics Coach, so helped out coaching different age groups in Indoor and outdoor Athletics programmes, including improving running technique, improving long distance and sprint time, and coaching in all events indoor and outdoor!

If you’re interested in Personal Training please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing pete@peterneslonfitness.co.uk or call 01751 475363. Whatever your fitness goal, here at the Peter Nelson Studio we will provide the support, beneficial Personal Training sessions, guidance outside of the gym, nutritional advice and much more!