The key to Endurance is building a more efficient body ..

Peter is our Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach here at the Studio who specialises in endurance sports from Running, Cycling and Triathlons ..

We consult, assess and test our athletes to help them achieve better performance .. its about the numbers and hard work .. learning better ways to improve your fitness components specifically for your sport ..

Peter has worked with many runners, cyclists, triathletes over the last few years and helped them impress on the stage and better their times, EFFICIENCY and training habits.

So if you want to improve on a time, speed, power or movement then get in touch for a training and coaching package for your sport.

For more general program design we have Lewis, Rachel and Abi to assist on weight loss, fat loss, beginner building and more advanced gym programs.

We can put together programs for 8 - 12 weeks leading up towards an event .. one or two sessions a week with our personal trainers or strength & conditioning coach. Keep the body in peak condition and build speed, strength and stamina. So if you’re a Runner, cyclist or Triathlete get in touch now to begin your program.