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Our Expert Areas


Fitness Classes
Indoor Cycling to Pilates

Two of our most popular classes brought to you every day of the week. We've developed our knowledge over the years to bring you the very best training and experience no matter the fitness level or ability.

Performance Gym
All you need for strength & conditioning

State of the art strength equipment designed and manufactured in the UK by Indigo Fitness. We wanted equipment that lasted the hard training and helped our clients excel in their fitness, sports performance and improve body shape.

Personal Training
Experienced and tailored for you

Everyone should at some point in their life, hire and personal trainer .. before you actually need one! Not only to help motivate and keep you on your path towards a specific target but, to support you like a friend, mentor and coach you in all manner of exercise and teach you excellent healthy nutrition. 




Strength & Conditioning  

We've added a fantastic element to our studio, specific Coaching!

We now offer bespoke sport specific training for all athletes needs from those competing in triathlons, cycling and running evetns.

book now and see for yourself how we can help you, excellent training SPECIFIC for you and great support from our trainers!