Being a gym novice I was a little wary of what the personal training sessions would involve. Rachel put me at ease, was clear and concise and made sure I was carrying out all of the exercises correctly. She was aware of specific areas that I would need to work on strengthening and varied the training programme to do this. I am confident that I will be able to continue to improve fitness and endurance and the personal training sessions have helped to motivate me on my way to achieving this
— Sara
Rachel has helped me to enjoy exercising again. She is very motivating but also makes the personal training fun.
We went through my end goals and how we would achieve them. Rachel spent time in all sessions explaining the exercise, what muscles we were using and why.
With Rachels help I feel mentally strong swell as physically.
Thankyou Rachel you’re a star x
— Claire
I was lucky enough to win a PT session with Rachel. She was lovely and very patient and tailored the session to my needs. She didn’t push me beyond my limits but encouraged me. Thoroughly recommended.
— Lindsey Smith
Last week I had a personal training session with Rachel. Before the session I had briefly discussed with her what I wanted to work on and some brief personal goals that I wanted to achieve this year.
Rachel had prepared a schedule for us to follow during the hours session. I was really nervous before but shouldn’t have been as Rachel is really friendly and puts you immediately at ease. We worked through various exercises using the rowing machine and the step, then progressing to weights. This is when we discovered an issue with my shoulder muscles. Rachel immediately adapted and altered the program to address this to improve my strength, flexibility and my general posture.
I have been coming to Peter Nelsons for nearly two years and have attended two to three classes each week. The person training looks at your technique and in my case highlighted a long term problem. Don’t be nervous about it either Rachel was friendly and encouraging. I will definitely be booking another session
— Katie Howlett
‘My PT sessions with Rachel have been challenging but very rewarding, I have achieved much more than I ever expected. Rachel is very motivational and the sessions have been hard but also fun! I have lost weight and inches and feel much stronger. I would highly recommend Rachel for Personal Training.’
— Debbie Coulson
I really enjoyed the variety of exercises within the sessions Rachel gave us. When in the gym I struggled to know what different exercises to do for different target areas of my body and Rachel gave me the knowledge to use this out of my Personal Training sessions.

The sessions also helped me to correct my form so that I could understand what I was doing wrong and get the most out of each exercise.

As I wasn’t overly focused on losing weight It was good to see on the scales how your body fat, muscle changed over the weeks even though the weight itself didn’t fluctuate much.

After the personal training sessions with Rachel I felt much stronger and fitter in myself. I am now a lot more confident when going to the gym as I feel like I know what I am doing and what areas I need to improve further.
— Becki Bointon
Throughly enjoyed my Personal Training sessions with Rachel and will be back. I enjoyed the different aspects of training, learning new exercises every time and having that motivation to go that little bit extra.
— Kavitha Thiagarajan
Joining has been one of the best decisions I have made! Peter was recommended by an osteopath in Scarborough. With a sedentary job, I’am now more flexible and mobile, healthier and have introduced more sessions from Pilates to Body Core. The sessions are just right for me and my abilities. I would highly recommend this training centre to anyone local wanting to really improve their well being. The staff are all great and friendly, no pressure but plenty of encouragement!
— Denise Pullin, Kirby Misperton

Thorough and enjoyable workout with a clearly structured programme which met my targets. Really enjoyed my session with Rachel, already looking forward to those in the future.
— Claire Wood - Pickering

Following various injuries and a diagnosis of Osteoporosis I decided to give the gym a try. So pleased I did as it has aided my recovery and helped with fitness.

I spent time trying out various classes to see what suited me including some personal training sessions with Pete. The friendly knowledgeable staff offered advice, support and encouragement. A bonus has been I have lost weight too.

Give it a go I am sure you won’t regret it.
— Karen Clark, Pickering

As a retired teacher and runner of 10k distances for many years, I had often been prone to injuries and in recent years had started getting dreaded knee problems. I was recommended to improve my flexibility and strength but was reluctant to spend time in the gym by myself. So I joined a pilates class and a weight session ‘women that lift’ for which I now attend twice a week. At first I thought improving my strength was beyond my age and physique.

I’ve now been training here over a year and regularly attend those classes, its even become my passion and I’ve found a new love for exercise. Lifting weights has really empowered my confidence and body strength. I just cannot believe how my strength and flexibility has changed over the months.

I find the staff very knowledgeable and passionate about what they teach and do. The sessions are innovative and friendly offering a diversity of types for all ages and abilities.

I would highly recommend this gym to anyone, you’ll be amazed with the result!
— Sue Mcminn

Great variety of classes for all levels and really enjoy that you can attend anything from a good stretching session to a bootcamp. It has really helped my long distance running.
— Heather Farrow, Pickering

After a few months attending the gym I can really see how my body shape is changing, I feel stronger and firmer. More confident and happier.
— Danielle, Pickering

Absolutely love Zumba with Rachel, great start and end to a week, sweaty fun.
— Stephanie, Malton

Enjoyable and focussed Personal Training taster session from Rachel, with a varied and controlled programme focusing on my goals. She gave clear and concise instructions and would recommend to anyone wanting extra guidance.
— Pat Thompson - Pickering

Rachel made the Personal Training taster session fun but explained well with very informative information which enabled me to focus on the areas I wanted to work on.
— Kristina Scott

Rachel gave a excellent Personal Training taster session which was very focused and specific on my goals. She made the session fun as well as informative which was great to keep me motivated
— Charlotte Scott